Lithero is pleased to announce Eleni Miltsakaki, Ph.D. and David Wooliscroft have joined our advisory board!
Eleni is an accomplished force in the field of natural language processing. She has received multiple grants from the NSF, and has published hundreds of papers. She is the CEO/CTO of Choosito!, an NSF-funded search engine and digital library that gives students personalized resources for their research. In order to do this, Choosito! uses machine learning to help identify students’ reading levels, ensuring that they can engage with their search results. We are excited to have Eleni help us push the boundaries of our technology.
Dave is a financial expert with strong insight in the fields of business and operations. Currently, he works as Practice Director of Finance at K1 Operations, and he is the former CFO/COO Managing Director of Deloitte Advisory Managed Risk Services. He has advised Lithero on multiple aspects of our businss. We appreciate Dave’s insight and are excited to have him as part of our advisory family.