Our Story

Founded in 2015, Lithero takes the pain out of Promotional Compliance Review.

Facing the Struggle

For decades, the life sciences industry has been wrestling with the challenge of bringing their often life-saving treatments to market while ensure that the messaging about those treatments is accurate, fair and balanced. The historical way to manage this is to manually check every phrase, image and reference for compliance. This process of promotional compliance review involves incredibly talented people and represents as significant investment of time, talent, and money.  Often content will weeks or months to get approved. Imagine if it took weeks to get approval to send a single email? That is the reality in many companies and there is no way around it. Compliance is that important.

In order to keep patients safe, all promotional materials—all ads, pamphlets, and/or social media blurbs about drugs and medical treatments—must be checked for regulatory compliance.  Up till now, this process has trapped highly-paid professionals at their desks, manually “red-penning” endless mountains of material sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.  If the reviewers find an issue—any issue—they have to flag it and send it out for revision.  This kicks off another cycle of revision and review as promotional materials bounce back and forth between marketing agencies and review committees.  The process can seem never ending, driving up drug commercialization costs and making healthcare more expensive for us all.


Lithero estimates the global Life Sciences industry spends more than $20 billion per year on maintaining promotional compliance.

Nyron Burke Lithero’s founder and CEO, struggled to reduce these costs as a marketing operations expert at Accenture.  He traveled around the world, working with the best teams to cut these costs.  Nothing seemed to work.  Workflow automation tools, process engineering, clarifying roles….many things were tried. Yet at the end of day to get content out it had to be manually and painstakingly reviewed by a committee with only so many hours in the day.

The technology wasn’t there…not yet.

Still, Burke knew there was a better way.

Experience leading to innovation

Burke drew on his extensive experience to found Lithero a company focused on building artificial assistants for life sciences. LARA—the Lithero Artificial Review Assistant the first AI capable of introducing automation to life sciences promotional review.  Where the manual process may take weeks, LARA can identify common compliance issues in seconds.  


With LARA, Life Sciences companies can reduce their promotional compliance review costs dramatically. No other option offers this level of savings.

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The Lithero Artificial Intelligence Review Assistant (LARA) gets promotional compliance review done faster, easier, and with significant cost savings.

LARA enables life sciences companies to: 

  • focus their top talent on innovation instead of proofreading
  • get promotional materials out faster than the competition
  • maximize their marketing budget

Let LARATM Work for You!

Get started with the Lithero Artificial Review Assistant

LARA Learns

LARA is trained to recognize promotional compliance issues using a custom data set created from the client’s existing content.  

LARA Applies

LARA is then deployed to screen new materials for compliance, flagging issues and providing markup early in the process.

LARA Gets Things Done

Over time, LARA dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for compliance review.  Marketing teams save money and reviewers save time.  

With LARA, everyone wins.

We’re already shifting into the age of AI.

In the past three decades, the technology supporting our society has shifted from novel toys, to embedded tools, to digital connectors.

Every technology shift creates winners and losers.  Companies that take advantage of the AI Assistant revolution will outperform—and outlast—their competitors.  LARA speeds operations and drives higher profit margins through waste reduction.  It brings the speed of marketing compliance in line with the speed of innovation.

The future’s knocking at the door. 

Are you ready?


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