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Lithero helps accelerate Promotional Compliance Review.

Facing the Struggle

For decades, the life sciences industry has been wrestling with the challenge of bringing their often life-saving treatments to market while ensuring that the messaging about those treatments is accurate, fair and balanced. To ensure compliance, life sciences professionals manually check every phrase, image and reference for compliance. This process of promotional compliance review involves incredibly talented people and represents a significant investment of time and expense.  Complex content can cycle for weeks or even months. 

In order to keep patients safe, all promotional materials—all ads, pamphlets, and/or social media blurbs about drugs and medical treatments—must be checked for regulatory compliance no matter how long it takes.  If the reviewers find an issue—any issue—they have to flag it. This kicks off another cycle of revision and typically follow up review. 

The process can seem never ending, driving up drug commercialization costs. Up till now, this process has “worked” because there is no other way. Yet even review professionals with decades of experience reviewing thousands of pieces, wonder openly if there isn’t a better way. 


Lithero estimates the global Life Sciences industry spends more than $20 billion

per year on maintaining promotional compliance.

Nyron S. Burke Lithero’s founder and CEO, struggled to help life sciences companies reduce these costs as a marketing operations expert at Accenture.  He traveled around the world, working with the best teams to cut these costs.  His clients complained that nothing seemed to work. 

Workflow automation tools, process engineering, clarifying roles….many things were tried.

At the end of day to get content out it had to be manually and painstakingly reviewed.

The technology wasn’t there…not yet.

Mr. Burke knew there was a better way…but he would have to build it.

Experience leading to innovation

Mr. Burke drew on his extensive experience to found Lithero, a company focused on helping the dedicated people who work tirelessly in the promotional review process.

The fruit of years of painstaking research and trial-and-error, LARA – the Lithero Artificial Review Assistant, is the first AI capable of making a transformative difference to life sciences promotional review.  Lithero’s vision is NOT to replace the talented professionals in the process. The vision is to assist and to support but with a tool so powerful that it enables speed and accuracy that was simply not possible before. LARA does not replace people. It enables them to do what they used to do in days or weeks in hours or minutes.


With LARA, Life Sciences companies can reduce their promotional compliance review timelines dramatically. No other option offers this level of impact.



Think its too good to be true?  We get that a lot.


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The Lithero Artificial Intelligence Review Assistant (LARA) augments promotional compliance review. 

Promote faster, easier, and with less risk.

LARA enables life sciences companies to: 

  • focus their top talent on innovation instead of proofreading
  • get promotional materials out faster than the competition
  • maximize their marketing budget

Let LARATM Work for You!

Get started with the Lithero Artificial Review Assistant

LARA Learns

LARA is trained to recognize promotional compliance issues using a custom data set created from the client’s existing content.  

LARA Applies

LARA is then deployed to screen new materials for compliance, flagging issues and providing markup early in the process.

LARA Gets Things Done

Over time, LARA dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for compliance review.  Marketing teams and reviewers benefit.